So Valerie Irvine was in class today to talk about tech – a welcome help particularly in the world of Twitter. I have never understood the purpose of Twitter and today with the help of Hootsuite I think I may have actually found a way to make it manageable and useful. However, I did think that Hootsuite was something inside of Twitter and it wasn’t until I was reading all about it that I saw that it connects different social networks together to one page. So…does this mean I can see all posts I want to see on Hootsuite or when I go into Twitter should it be showing up as organized by Hootsuite? I’m still confused, and as per usual, it takes me about 10 x longer to learn anything with new technology when I am left to my own devices. I read the introductions and follow the steps but inevitably I am confused halfway through and have to go on a bunch of help forums to learn what someone could have told me in a classroom in about a minute. I know education is changing, but the whole reason I like to take classes is so that someone can sit with me and show me the structures that are in place and how to use them and then I can happily go away and use said structures. Having to figure it out by myself from start to finish is incredibly difficult and frustrating. For instance, I still (even after reading many help forums and trying many things) have not been able to get my Blog page on here to actually have my blog entries on it – they show up on my home screen and try as I might, I have not been able to switch that. There are entirely too many things to know and it is overwhelming. I have created two websites and added my music to several other websites, but still get lost in the midst of it. I don’t want to be like my parents who are even more lost and give up easily, but as a 41 year old who grew up without a computer, I do find it hard to understand. It is never as “user friendly” as people make it out to be.

What I feel like I need is one on one help in setting up things properly – then I will go away and use them to my hearts content. I can post Youtube videos and learn G Suite and all those things – but what I really want is to be shown the one thing that will make this post on the right page on my blog!!!!!

I came home from class today and joined Hootsuite and tried to organize my pages and posts but am still a little confused about it all. I don’t want to start this way and then just go through the whole course not really getting what I am doing. I suspect I know more than I give myself credit for, but I do get stuck on things that I’m sure are easy for other people. And I am worried – going into a classroom as a teacher now when tech is becoming the most important way of teaching – how am I going to facilitate? How can I possibly keep up with changing technologies? If I am having trouble now, how will I compete in a fast paced school system? And as an art and drama teacher, I can see where video is important and certain applications for grading but art and drama are personal and hands on and need that component to be what they are – so how will I adapt to a changing world when what I do requires low tech work? I am having a lot of anxiety about this – about expectations. I like systems. I like structure. I feel like I am already out of my league and that learning about technology will have to become my full time job rather than teaching my classes.


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