I have had trouble deciding what to do for a passion project, and I thought I had settled on learning conversational French, as this would be an asset to my work and future career as well and it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. However, as I travelled for work this weekend I realized that it is not the best option for me. Firstly, I cannot work on it online while I am on the plane as I am not allowed to access the internet at work. Also, the Rosetta Stone course which I would be using for most of my learning must be used verbally as I have to speak to the program in order to progress through the chapters. It would be a little strange to be annoyingly speaking french to a program in the back galley of an airplane. I’m sure the passengers who are trying to sleep or read or whatever would not appreciate my language learning software. I thought I would be able to use my breaks between classes at school to learn as well, but the same problem arises – I can’t use the software just anywhere – it has to be somewhere quiet with no other people around. So it is not easy to carry around. Also, although I would like to learn french, I’m not sure that it is a passion. If it was, I would have put a lot more effort into it before now. And I really do not want to feel like I am just doing more homework that is going to be frustrating in the long run. I have enough trouble with technology in this class, I don’t want to add more difficulty and make the class less enjoyable than it needs to be.

I came back to the idea of painting. I love art and I love creating. I am a musician who writes and I also love to paint and draw. I thought it would be exciting to have a project that I am truly passionate about doing, that way I could learn and grow in my art and also my homework would be fun and not drudgery. So I have chosen to do a watercolour painting for my project. Watercolour is a medium I have not used before but have wanted to learn. I have a lot of the paints and paper I need for it, but have never used it as I have been busy with other projects and haven’t had a chance to learn it yet.

Watercolour is also the only paint I can bring to work with me on the aircraft, since other paints (even acrylics) are considered dangerous goods and not to be carried. I can fit my sketchbook into my luggage and access it during flights – I work a lot of red eye flights – and use it in a small space. It will be easier for me to practice the work while I am flying on small papers or in my sketchbook and I am undecided whether or not I will do several small projects like cards or if I will do a larger project on paper. I am going to see how it goes for now and revisit the idea in 4 weeks to see if a larger scale project would be better of my learning or challenge, or if several smaller projects such as cards would be easier to manage. I am attaching my Personal Learning Plan to this blog post so that I can look back and measure progress according to my original goal. I have also thought of adding sales to my goal – setting up a small business to sell my work – but that may be for another class.

  1. Project: Finish a large watercolour painting of a photo that I took
  2. Timeline: I have 9 weeks to finish the project
  3. Obstacles: working on an aircraft so access to space is limited – I can’t work on my main project at work, but I could do smaller projects. Time is an obstacle since I am in school full time and work full time. I generally need some clear space to do art so it can be difficult for me to work in a busy space or a disorganized space. Lack of knowledge is an obstacle – watercolour is hard to do and I haven’t learned it yet.
  4. Level of knowledge – I paint but have not used watercolour. It is a very different medium that what I am used to, but I have used watercolour paper before and watered down acrylics which look similar as background but not for actual items.I am comfortable learning but I will have to do several exercises to get the hang of it.
  5. How to acquire knowledge – youtube videos, ask a friend who teaches watercolour Lenaya Chrystall, use knowledge from my class at school, practice, read instructional blogs and online resources and books. chickadee painting abstract landscape saltwater painting
  6. Cement understanding – do many exercises and explorations to understand the medium and document the process online and in a sketchbook so I have a resource to return to for answers. Reflection on the process will help me to remember what I have learned through successes and failures.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge – document in a video and attach to my blog. Complete a final project and present via photograph or in person to the class.

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