Well today I started my first foray into the wonderful world of watercolour. I started by watching a couple of beginner videos. I have already watched several videos of the kind of things I would love to paint, but I thought I better start at the beginning since I tend to get ahead of myself and I don’t want to be discouraged by starting with something that is too difficult. I started by watching a video called Paint with Me, and I have to say it was not my favourite. She was clear, but it drives me crazy when people use the word “guys” when referring to people, so that was annoying. But it was good to have a very beginner type lesson – what kind of paper and paint and basic needs for a project. Luckily I have all the things I need to get started so I didn’t have to spend a bazillion dollars to begin. I also watched “How to Use Watercolor” where the guy painted insanely fast so was quite hard to follow. But that’s the nice thing about Youtube – you can stop at any time and watch again. It was also inspiring to see what he could do with just a little colour so I enjoyed that. Then I just tried to figure it all out. Small steps!



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