Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to use acrylic paint and canvas to create a poster that makes a statement about a current social issue.

Previous knowledge: Studies on acrylics. Students will already have gone through several studies of using acrylic paint – colour mixing, value, washes and various surfaces useable for acrylic.


Power point presentation on well-known political posters and images (ex. “Viva la revolucion”, Nazi propaganda posters, Canadian political online still ads for the election, women’s rights, etc)



  1. Go through each image one at a time and discuss what makes the image powerful using elements and principles of art: line, colour, value, balance, harmony etc.
  2. Have a discussion on social issues that are current or historical and list them on the board.
  3. Students choose to work alone or in small groups and research the issue they have chosen using the internet, library, movies, local people. Students must document their process in a journal or digitally – via photos, blog, power point.
  4. Students create an image (may include text) on the computer or hand-drawn that depicts the issue they have chosen.
  5. In their groups or individually, students choose a surface to paint on – this can be provided canvas, paper, wood, or any other appropriate surface that students choose. They then sketch out the design and paint it onto the surface keeping in mind the elements and principles of art.


Students present their process and final work to the class via digital presentation (powerpoint, prezi, etc) and have q and a from the class about their process.

– why did they choose the image/colour/tone/surface?

– what did you learn through the process about the material used and about the issue?

– how could this image be used to raise awareness or represent this issue?

Students have their work in the gallery in class or elsewhere in the school.


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