Today in class we talked about the definition of education and learning. In my opinion, education is totally open-ended since we are always learning whether we intend to or not. We constantly take in information about the world around us. One thing that was said is that education is seen as external, but I would disagree. Education can also be internal – we learn about ourselves throughout life, our bodies can teach us things about our level of stress, nutrition, health, and even our dreams can teach us things that we may not have known otherwise. So education can be both internal and external.

We can also choose what we want to learn about in some contexts. We cannot choose what we hear or learn, but in some contexts we can shut ourselves off from actually deeply knowing or investigating something. This is where racism comes from – knowingly choosing to ignore entire parts of a group of people in order to feed a certain mentality is a choose not to learn. However, we still learn constantly through experience, reading, hearing, simply living in this world.

We watched this video:

Multimedia instruction – Dr. Richard Mayer – Educational Psychologist at UC Santa Barbara. If we want people to understand more deeply then we need to add media to words for instruction.

Modality – it is better to have audio than printed text as written words and graphics tend to split the student learning. With audio they can look at the media while hearing the text.

Cognitive theory of multimedia learning – design of instruction – taking the information processing model and adapting it to an educational setting. Information comes in and enters via sensory memory (eyes and ears) but that fades quickly so we select the relevant information for further processing into working memory, then store in long-term memory. Piaget’s schemas. Video on his theory.

Eliminate extraneous material from the lesson (Cognitive load theory.)


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