I really enjoyed watching the video of Sir Ken Robinson today. I have watched several Ted talks that he gave and he is inspiring to hear! I think of my dad who is a doctor and excelled in the memorization system of learning, and my husband who is a tradesman who excelled in skills learning, and myself as an artist who struggled desperately in high school despite my best efforts to do well.

Do Schools Kill Creativity

I know the system of education did not serve me well in high school. However, I have made it work for me in university. I have worked very hard and managed to study and work my way into scholarships while still working my job and volunteering on the side. But the reason I do so well now is that instruction has changed. Art is my main subject and Theatre is my second, so they are both highly engaging and not based on memorization of facts and figures. They are physical and tactile and aural and writing based – so it is much easier for me to dive into the material. art-table

I think changing the system does not constitute rewards for being lazy, as some may think. It instead engages people and encourages them to work hard to learn what they want to know. Isn’t that more apt? Particularly in a world where technology moves so quickly and we are constantly having to adapt and are told we may have 7 careers in our lifetime, we have to be able to learn what we need along the way and be motivated to do so. I am in school because I am leaving a good career to pursue my passion. That is why I do well – I am motivated, not to get good grades, but to learn everything I can in order to be the best teacher I can be. Because I am motivated, the result is that I learn immensely and have the added bonus of getting good grades.


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