Well…this weekend I made another attempt to work on my watercolour passion project by using online tutorials from youtube. Lets just say, so far, so not super good. But I am learning, and the most important thing I learned was that when the instructor tells you to wait until the paper is completely dry before adding another layer of paint, that I should listen to her. The second thing I learned is not to try to keep up with the video and that the pause button is my friend.

I used tutorials from the same artist and set up 2 pieces of paper side by side so that when one was drying I could work on the other one so I didn’t feel like I was wasting time literally watching paint dry. These were the videos:


The first video I followed fairly closely – although I didn’t leave enough drying time so one of my mountains looks like it is quietly exploding into a mist. Not really what i was going for. 0.jpgBut I am starting to understand the blending of colours with the water and how whether the paper is wet or dry is immensely important. With this video I started with wet paper and then dried each layer before adding another, which is why the lines are so distinct.




The second video of the trees was a gong show. I was trying to follow her in real time, but I started with dry paper because I thought that was what she did but I’m not sure now. Anyway I need way more water on my brush and once I got behind I kept just adding colour and water to keep up and ended up not paying as much attention and making it look like a giant mess.

0.jpg So I am learning that impatience is not helpful and I need to give my full attention to the project at hand or I will just get frustrated. I often jump into something really difficult and think it should be easy, and when it doesn’t work right away I am discouraged. I need to remember that learning watercolour is just as difficult as anything else and I need to start slow and give myself a break when I’m not amazing right away. That’s why artists are who they are – they make things look easy but really it’s incredible work they are doing!

My next step as outlined in my Trello is to paint an animal and I found a tutorial by Lenaya Chrystall, who is a local artist that I adore, and I am going to try to do a fox. I am lucky enough to know her, so I can ask for help along the way, which I’m sure I will need. She helped me paint a couple of tiny watercolours last summer and I’m going to make an attempt at this larger one. So stay tuned for a progress report.

PS I just found out that there are 6 videos to this arctic fox…I could be here for a while.


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