I spent some time today working on my passion project skills. I am in a painting class and this week we started work on using India Ink and water with watercolour technique. So I have been doing that – and it is really difficult. When using only black and greys it is super hard not to overuse the black. I did a still life of an egg and an apple and the egg looks like someone painted it black.

It is also really hard to get the right amount of water. Too little and it’s too dark and doesn’t mix well. Too much and the water sits on the page and the ink runs into parts of it and leaves other parts. If I leave it until it is partially dry and then add another layer, it picks up what was there and instead of it getting darker it lifts the ink and leaves a spot. So I have to wait until it completely dries to add a layer. But then it does not layer easily – it sits in the brush strokes of the previous layer. So I have to try to get the whole section finished before any of it tries or I can’t seem to fix it. So that is what I will have to ask about next…how to layer well.

Here is what I came up with using still life at home and at class.

I also found a website with some good tips for using ink, since it is quite a different medium than other paints.

Tips for using ink

I also found this great page on Pinterest with examples and ideas of using ink in different ways with watercolour.

I have been watching my friend, Melissa, paint watercolours and use ink as well and I think her work is so beautiful! She can be found on Facebook under Melissa Rose Custom Handmade Art. This is one of her pieces that I love.



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