We looked into instructional design models today, defining and researching different models. The model I am presenting on is Merrill’s Component Display Theory. Most of the websites we visited were full of jargon and really difficult to understand, but there was one that seemed to have the information displayed in a fairly visually meaningful way: www.nwlink.com .

We chose to use Merrell shoes to be the point of teaching – so connecting the theory to the shoe, even though they are different people and things, it will be fun to make the connection. So we spent the class working through ideas on how to teach the theory using the shoe. We would have used videos or other things online, but every video we saw was terrible and boring, and even the videos of Merrill himself were not interesting in any way. Which is interesting, given that he is the one talking about education!

So this week we will be finishing our presentation and hopefully will be able to learn about this system and have a laugh at the same time.


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