So I finally got back to my Trello schedule and decided to take the time to do a painting of an animal. My friend Lenaya Chrystall is an amazing watercolour painter and she does classes and workshops, so I used one of her online tutorials to do a painting of an arctic fox. It did take pretty much all day since after each layer of paint I had to let it dry and that simply takes time! So I got some other homework done in the mean time and some much needed housework and drank coffee and wine and ate chocolate, so it was a good day. Yesterday I had a huge migraine so today is a much better day!

Here is the first of Lenaya’s videos – there are several in a row for this particular work. I have been fortunate enough to take a class with Lenaya in the past and she is a wonderful teacher. I learned today that using much less water and much more paint is the way to go. So I soaked my working area with water at the beginning and then let it soak into the paper a little before using my colour. Then when I used the colour I only had to use a tiny bit of paint and it went a long way.

One of the things we used a lot of was salt – just table salt – it changes the way the paint looks and creates a beautiful effect. However, I only had this Himalayan Pink Salt and it was quite chunky so it didn’t have quite the effect that the smaller table salt would have. But in some spots it worked, so all in all I’m quite happy with the first try.


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