So I have been working away on my passion project a little at a time. Still having a lot of difficulty getting the water right but doing my best. Today I ordered a book by Leslie Redhead called Watercolour 365, which is a walk through watercolour skills and ideas every day of the year. I am taking her class right now and working on my ink work, which acts the same as watercolour, and it is incredibly hard! Too little water and the ink doesn’t move, too much water and the ink pools and doesn’t dry. Too many layers and it becomes too black, too little water on a layer and it pulls the colour out into somewhere else…

So I went back to some watercolour basics this week and tried several watercolour techniques on a single paper. I watched a youtube video and tried the techniques with what I had, and am also finding that I am skimping out on colour and that may be partly why I am not getting what I want out of it. Next time I won’t be so shy on the colour so that when I add water it won’t dilute too much.

I looked back at Trello where I had listed my goals for this (this is my page), and I am quite far from reaching them, as I got sidetracked by the ink work and by the return to basics. So I am going to back at that and try to follow my initial progress schedule and see how it goes. I am very goal oriented so I can get lost when I am not following a distinct line.


I was playing with ink on this one – trying to get the look of smoke but as abstraction rather than a realistic look.



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