I have been looking into different tech apps for teachers to use in the classroom for my ED-P practicum class this term. I have found several that I really love: Classcraft, go formative, and flipgrid. I chose to present flipgrid to my class this week as it is really interactive and, frankly, less work than the others. I did set up an account at go formative, and I would be happy to use it in my classroom, but to set up my students was going to be a little too time consuming, and due to this being year 4 at UVic, and it being the last month of term, I really had to streamline some of my work. However, easy doesn’t mean it is lame, so I have had some fun creating my short presentation. I copied and pasted my handout for it that tells how to set it up and use it. It is extremely easy to do and really straightforward if a person wanted to go to flipgrid and set it up.


What is it?

Flipgrid is a website that uses video to connect with students.

How does it work?

A teacher posts a topic or question and students respond via video to the group. Each student with the access code can see the other videos in the group and respond to them as well.

How do I set it up?

1.Go to https://info.flipgrid.com

  1. Create a free account (you can upgrade to a paid account to get more features but you don’t need to for simple video response)
  2. Select the button in the top right hand corner that says “New Grid” You can create a new grid for each class, or each topic, depending on what you want. Under each grid you can create several discussions.
  3. Click on “New Topic”
  4. Fill in the information for your topic: title and question or idea. You can also upload a video that you already have or create a video to go along with the topic for the students to reference.
  5. Select “Create Topic” at the bottom of the screen
  6. The screen will have a pop up that tells you how your students can access the grid and the topic

How will it improve student engagement?

What I like about flipgrid is that it is a fun way of sharing learning and ideas. So many kids are using snapchat and making videos now that this is a way to engage them using technology that they understand. It has an immediate gratification in that they can post a video right away and see who else is posting.

Today I am using it for physical education purposes, but it could be used for any discussion, or for posting a clip of a speech at a protest, or to show a location that an artist might use as inspiration. This can be used from a cell phone or from a webcam, and if not all students have technology available, they could work in groups as well.

Flipgrid also has a Global Grid Connection page where a teacher can connect with other flipgrid classrooms around the world. This is a great way to connect with people and topics that students may not have access to otherwise, particularly students in their own age group.


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