The above picture is a really fast one I did following a YouTube video where an artist used watercolour and then an ink pen to do detail work. He was doing it in an edited video and I was just doing it in real time it’s a bit of a mess but you get the idea…


In the process of learning watercolour, I’ve gone back to using ink and water to get a better handle on it. I already was playing with it, but I chose to do a still life for a project in a class, and I used ink and water, and then layered egg tempera paint on part of the work. I chose this for a subject:


We set the light to shine from the one side so that there would be many shadows to contend with on the picture. After taking this photo, I did several sketches to decide how I wanted to approach it, and then chose to edit out much of the background and just have a simple background in order to make the pastels in the front pop out.

I sketched on my watercolour paper so that I could get a really good handle on it – I am fortunate that I have an enlarger at home so I could trace the image to get a more clear picture.

Once I finished the pencil work I very slowly filled in the values with ink – I was extremely scared to wreck it and I knew if I put too dark of ink on it that it wouldn’t be able to get the lightness back, so I did it in many, many layers, slowly darkening the shadows as I went along. I’m not perfectly happy with it as I think I could have darkened more of it, but to be honest I was a little chicken and didn’t want to overdo it. Lesson learned – don’t be too chicken!!



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