Keith Rispin – Skype into classroom – tech teacher in West Vancouver

Google Apps

Everthing is based on Google Drive. Google classroom – specific for education. Also Edmoto,  moodle (has some security issues), WebCT, Sharepoint (not a good one).

Google classroom manages: students, assignments, resources, assessment

Allows student independence. Infinite resource possibilities. Relevant to their learning. Ease of collaboration. Can invite other teachers to collaborate with students as well. Organized assignment delivery and reception. Access anytime anywhere.

Security of student data has become very important in the last 5 years. GC is a secure system – not data mined. However, you should be using whatever system the district has approved. This way, if anything is hacked then you are not personally responsible. If the district has approved it, the district is on the hook for responsibility of data.

You set up a classroom and add assignments with links and embedded video, etc and push it to one student, one classroom, or all classrooms. They can save a copy on their drive until they hand it back in for assessment. Once the assessments are done, you can post it to each student on google classroom so they have their marks back right away.

Assessment is fairly weak – but you can give points to an assignment for grading.

Do students get notifications of new assignments or do they have to log into the classroom? Yes but only to email, which many students do not use unless they are directed to it.

Freshgrade? For elementary it is good, but high school it is just way too many updates for student progress. HS teachers have too many students to keep up with and it would become too time consuming.

I had signed up for google classroom to start the learning tutorials, but I have been so bogged down with school and work that I just haven’t had time to keep up with it. But I would like to get certified and plan to do it after regular classes are out next week.



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