I’ve started a rather ambitious watercolour project now – I am doing a negative painting project that is a part of my class, and I am looking forward to pushing myself further as an artist and finally getting a handle on this watercolour thing!

The idea is to make a wild abstract background, then find things in it that we want to paint, and paint the negative space around those things…I took some examples online of negative painting to get an idea…

negative painting 1           IMG_0027

This website has a pictorial tutorial on how to do this step by step, which is really helpful: https://rolandlee.com/techniques/how-to/how-to-paint-foliage-using-negative-painting-in-watercolor_159/

These are practice works for negative painting – trying to leave the light on top and paint around it to show depth:

Then I went through my photos and took many that I had taken in the butterfly gardens last year for inspiration photos for my project. I started doing a background and hated it, started 2 more with equal frustration, then went back to the original to start my work.

After this I stared for a really long time at the painting, once again terrified to start because once the ink is on the paper, you can’t remove it. But I learned last time not to be chicken…so I started and after a little time, I think got the hang of it. I have to use much more water than I would think, so that has been my challenge. In the end it is supposed to look something like this:

I’m not holding my breath that mine will turn out this good, but I will do my best and hope! These ones are by Leslie Redhead, who is an incredible artist, and whose book 5100+e5j2qL__SX377_BO1,204,203,200_ I have been going through constantly to learn tips and tricks of watercolour. This is one of her most beautiful ideas and although it’s really challenging, I’m excited to try it. She has been doing demos at Opus in town (and art supply store) which I have missed due to work, but I am planning on taking in her next one.

I am planning to have this painting done by the end of the weekend (yikes!) so I will put up some process pictures and hopefully a finished product soon.



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