I am working from home today instead of being in class, and I am really enjoying the progress I am making. This morning I finished my work on my passion project (I will be doing another post for that) and I started doing the training for Google Classroom so I can get certified as an Educator. As I am going into my practicum next year, I want to be able to use the resources that I know many schools are already using and I know can really help students to engage.

I already use some of the resources like YouTube, Google Slides and Google Docs for my own project and I have been able to link these to lesson plans as well. Especially in art and drama, I have used Slides to present different types of artists and styles, and in one drama unit I am looking at set design, so I have linked to many photos of set designs around the world. For that one I also used a Netflix documentary called “Abstract” which has an amazing segment on a set designer who does theatre and live music work.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 16.28.46

This is what I working through today – mostly introduction to the products that they offer, but I found the section on using digital information responsibly to be very important. They have loads of links to sites where teachers have set up ways to talk to your students, or information on where to find Digital Citizenship Agreements and more.  Obviously school policies will not be enough since technology is always changing and we have to be able to have open conversations with students about appropriate use and behaviour, especially when we are working on communal documents and projects. They need to know how to protect their information and how to responsibly use what they do find. I also found the section on copyright to be quite good. We don’t talk about it very much, but we do need to be careful when reposting or using images online if we don’t have permission. The sooner students learn this (and teachers, too!) the better.

I plan to keep up with this training and get my certification before summer, as classes end next week and I hope to have a little more time to dive in before my 2 week practicum at the end of April.


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