Passion project presentations

McKenna – sprinting – analysis. I am impressed with her ability to look at herself analytically and objectively. Using this to teach will be very helpful.

Liam – video project of learning guitar. Playing 6 chords on the guitar that he has learned over time.

Emily – cooking – Tasty video on making cookies. Loved this video idea since I have never seen these Tasty videos.

Kristy – bouldering at a moderate level. Amazing! So hard – showed video of her working on it and also competitive climbers.

Andrew – playing piano. started by learning to read music again, then scales, and learned some short songs

Kira – skin care. Toners: ph levels, fermented yeast – morning and night to brighten he skin. Korean cleansing routine.

Melanie – painting the way she feels each day and paint on a schedule. using abstraction.

Devin – learning to play guitar. Played Blackbird. 🙂

Sarah – sketching and drawing. week to week view of her process and what she was focusing on from week to week.

haley – portraits with her student, Naomi. Used ink for the background. watercolour layers on top. Top layer used egg tempera to varnish it.

Jason – Sign language – learned the alphabet and a few words. Great to have a visual way of speaking – he said grammar is difficult so this is easier to use. Hand speak.

Iseabell – origami crane video tutorial. This is a great idea for art classes.

Taylor – yoga. had never taken yoga before and started with this semester.

Grammar project – grammarly website – for editing



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