Passion projects

I have to come up with an idea for a passion project to do while continuing through this term for EDCI. I made a list of several things I am interested in and some that I have already pursued to an extent. The first thing on my list was “learn conversational French”. I purchased Rosetta Stone a few years ago for French but since I’ve been in school full time it has fallen to the back burner in terms of priorities. I think it would be a great thing to learn for work as I am a flight attendant and could really use it, and also for working in schools in the future. What is nice about it is that I can speak with my husband, Adam, at home, who grew up speaking French and his mother is French Canadian as well. Also there are so many online resources like Duolingo and others that I can access while away at work that it may be my best option for a project.

I also had learning conversational Amharic on my list. It is a language I have wanted to learn for a long time, since my dad’s family speak it and it is so beautiful and interesting. However, after researching resources online, I found that the accents I was hearing were difficult to follow as they were slightly different from my dad. Also the alphabet is totally different so each site I went on had a different phonetic spelling of the words, which is confusing for learning. I know I could practice speaking with my family members, but it may be too difficult to even become conversational in such a short time. We plan to go to Ethiopia all together (me and my dad’s family) hopefully this year as our last trip got cancelled, so it would be wonderful to have some knowledge of the language for myself and not have to entirely rely on interpreters.

The other things on my list were more physical challenges. I have had a long standing interest in learning to rock climb and have gone a couple of times and really enjoyed it, but my work schedule can make practice time difficult. Also it can get quite costly which I would like to avoid. Dance is always on my list of things to do but I do have a background in it already, so a passion project I suppose would be to learn a new dance form. And frankly, I am not interested in learning something new in terms of dance. The styles that I love are the ones I would want to pursue, and I already have a good knowledge of those. A new style would not be something I would be passionate about, and it would also run into costs and time to spend in a studio rather than something I could work on at home or at work. As an artist there are many art courses I would also love to explore that could be and have been passion projects of mine – discovering more about oil painting or printmaking or playing jazz piano (rather than classical or songwriting which is what I do now). But these things are very hard to transport, and because of my job and my schedule, I really need something I can take with me and work on in transit. I have a piano at home, but I can’t exactly take it on a flight! And I know it would just add to the stress to have to practice more and more at home.

So back to my original idea of learning French. I have wanted to do this for many years and started and then stopped numerous times. So this time I am setting a goal – I would like to be able to have a 10 minute conversation in French with someone by the time this course is over. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish it – I already have software and online programs to help, and a husband that may or may not help…but I will at least be able to practice at work as well and hope that it pays off. I would like to be able to say more than just a hello and take a drink order. So here we go…