Last Day of Class

Passion project presentations

McKenna – sprinting – analysis. I am impressed with her ability to look at herself analytically and objectively. Using this to teach will be very helpful.

Liam – video project of learning guitar. Playing 6 chords on the guitar that he has learned over time.

Emily – cooking – Tasty video on making cookies. Loved this video idea since I have never seen these Tasty videos.

Kristy – bouldering at a moderate level. Amazing! So hard – showed video of her working on it and also competitive climbers.

Andrew – playing piano. started by learning to read music again, then scales, and learned some short songs

Kira – skin care. Toners: ph levels, fermented yeast – morning and night to brighten he skin. Korean cleansing routine.

Melanie – painting the way she feels each day and paint on a schedule. using abstraction.

Devin – learning to play guitar. Played Blackbird. 🙂

Sarah – sketching and drawing. week to week view of her process and what she was focusing on from week to week.

haley – portraits with her student, Naomi. Used ink for the background. watercolour layers on top. Top layer used egg tempera to varnish it.

Jason – Sign language – learned the alphabet and a few words. Great to have a visual way of speaking – he said grammar is difficult so this is easier to use. Hand speak.

Iseabell – origami crane video tutorial. This is a great idea for art classes.

Taylor – yoga. had never taken yoga before and started with this semester.

Grammar project – grammarly website – for editing



Entering the world of technology

So this is a blog page I had to create for my education in technology class at UVic. I have to say technology is not my friend very often, and usually my 17 year old nephew has to teach me what is new and how to use it. This involves many eye rolls and comments of “Auntie Crystal, I showed you this 5 times already.” It was bad enough when he was teaching me how to play Mario Cart but in the last 10 years tech has moved far beyond that and from one year to the next I have no idea if we are watching YouTube videos or building in MineCraft or trying to capture Pokemon Go. I am pretty sure that going into Education is going to mean asking a lot of questions and learning from my students. Because officially I am old – I mean I am really not a native tech user. Atari was tech when I was a kid. I remember when we got an Apple 2 GS and this huge printer with the holes in the sides…and my brother, steve, mostly played some game on it that I’m sure would later give him carpel tunnel since the only way to move the player was to use the arrow keys.
So I’m a little out of my league, and as this website shows, I don’t even update what I do have on a regular basis. So this is my big foray into the world – hopefully I will learn how to embrace new things, although I know there is no way I can keep up with everything. I will do my best to at least keep up with my students! I now have a twitter account under @crystalloszchuk so I will hopefully be posting hilarious things to that site. I’m entering a new world…

Jaylen sent this video to me in light of my work…love it:<a href=””></a>